First Day of School 2021

my first day of school with image
First Day of School 2021 [Image Credit: google.com]

I remember my first day in school very clearly. I was a shy boy then. The teacher asked me to go to the blackboard and to write my name. I knew how to spell it. But I felt greatly nervous of the girls and boys staring at me. I could not write a single letter.

“Write your name”, the teacher again told me.
As I was about to write, my mind went blank. I could not remember my own name.

Somebody laughed and I became more nervous. “Just forget us and write your name”, the
teacher said. But still my hand refused to move.

My First Day of School with an image
First Day of School 2021 [Image Credit: Google,com/doodle]

"Don't you know your name?" The teacher
       I looked at her and could not answer. The
teacher rose and walked to my side. She smiled at me to make me less nervous. She placed her hand kindly upon my shoulder.

"What's your name?", she asked.
"Pradip ", I said softly.
"Pradip , what?"
"Pradip Sharma."
"Spell it."

I spelled my name. I knew that I went wrong
somewhere. I tried hard not to feel nervous, but I failed. I got confused. She tried to help me overcome my shyness.

“Look Pradip Sharma! Whose book is this?” She asked.
"It is yours ma'am."
"Now, bring me your book from your desk."
I gave her my book.
"Now, whose book is this?"
"It's mine, ma'am," I told her.

She placed both the books on the desk and said to me, “Which book is yours, Pradip ?"

"The new one is mine and the old one is yours, ma'am."

"Good ! Let's see if your name is written here", she said.

I turned the cover and showed her my name
written on it. "Now, spell your name slowly so that I can hear it", she told me.

I did.
"Now can you write ?"
"Yes, ma'am.”
“Then, write it.”

I again turned to the blackboard to write. Once more I was blank within, I could remember nothing, I began to shiver.

“You may go and sit down”, the teacher said.

I sat and cursed myself. I could not understand why I became so nervous in the presence of the children of my own age. I hated myself for that.